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Awards 2013

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Research


ClearSign Combustion (USA)

ClearSign Combustion Corporation designs and develops technologies that aim to improve key performance characteristics of combustion systems including energy efficiency, emissions control, fuel flexibility and overall cost effectiveness. The company's Electrodynamic Combustion ControlTM (ECCTM) technology introduces a computer-controlled electric field into the combustion zone to improve control of flame shape and heat transfer while maximizing system efficiency. Emissions from the combustion of any fuel type - including gas, biomass, and coal - are reduced as they are formed, helping to improve control performance and meet regulatory standards by dramatically decreasing pollutants.

Runner Up

MOF Technologies (UK) & CrayoNano (NO)

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Development


Amantys (UK)

Amantys are currently commercialising their breakthrough technology in Power Drivers for insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). Amantys products have widespread utility across a range of applications including Locomotive traction, Medium voltage motor drives, Wind Turbine Inverters and any High Voltage DC infrastructure. Amantys Power Drivers are drop in replacements for similar gate drive products in the market, enhanced with a number of beneficial features. Capable of driving a range of IGBT modules from different manufacturers without gate resistor changes, it reduces inventory for users who want flexibility in design and sourcing. The gate drive is suitable for 2-level, 3-level and multi-level converters in a wide variety of applications.

Runner Up

ACAL Energy (UK) & EcoBasalt (IL)

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation


Hydrogenics (CAN)

Hydrogenics Corporation is a global provider of advanced hydrogen solutions including utility scale energy storage and hydrogen power systems. The company is the global leader in water electrolysis products and services. From leading edge propulsion systems and backup systems to vehicle fueling stations and solutions. We are helping our customers around the world shift power to a cleaner energy future.

Runner Up

Heliocentris Energy Solutions (DE) & Organica Water (HU)

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