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CleanEquity Monaco 2014 Awards

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Research


Mango Materials

Mango Materials uses bacteria to transform a potent greenhouse gas (methane) into biodegradable, economically and functionally competitive bioplastics. Incorporated in August 2010 and based in the San Francisco area, the company developed its patented processes at Stanford University. Its operations team has the world-class scientific knowledge and technical expertise to efficiently scale production of biodegradable plastic from cheap, renewable, and locally sourced methane (biogas). Its executive leadership team has built relationships with customers, partners and distributors who have a strong interest in the product. The company now seeks funding to build a demonstration facility.

Runner Up

Nanofoundry & Vantage Power

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Development



The company has developed and patented a system for improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems by eliminating the need for any external energy source to run the defrost process.
The annual potential energy savings from adopting the FrigescoTM System in supermarkets worldwide amount to £1.6bn with rapid pay back on the installation costs.The company is now commercialising a cold room defrost system, with store trials scheduled to start in April 2014. Development of a Retail Display Cabinet version is under way, part funded by a DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund grant with support from a major European cabinet manufacturer.

Runner Up

CINTEP & Exeger

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation


One Earth Designs

One Earth Designs aims to make household renewable energy convenient, accessible, and attractive to people around the world. Beginning in 2008 in the Himalayas, we responded to the needs of rural nomads and co-created our first product, a patented, portable, durable, and high-powered solar concentrator called the SolSource. Initially, it provides a zero-emissions clean cookstove that saves women time, significantly reduces deadly indoor air pollution, and has a payback period of 6 months. After one year of sales in China, we've received interest in more than 18 different countries. We are now working with distributors in the US to retail SolSource as an outdoor grill. We seek strategic partnerships and capital for growth of our markets as we expand our product line with add-ons providing electricity generation, heating, and more.

Runner Up

GreenQloud & Pavegen

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