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CleanEquity Monaco 2016 Awards

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Research



Lightbridge is a nuclear energy company that develops proprietary next generation nuclear fuel technologies for current and future nuclear reactor systems. The advantages of Lightbridge's metallic fuel design include: a 1,000°C reduction in average fuel operating temperature, compared to conventional uranium dioxide pellet fuel, resulting in dramatic safety improvements; improved heat transfer and fluid flow, increased structural strength, and improved performance during accidents and transients; 10% more power and longer fuel cycles or up to 17% more power with the same fuel cycle length for existing pressurized water reactors (PWRs); increased revenue and improved profit margins for existing nuclear power units; up to 30% more power with the same fuel cycle length for new build PWRs; lower total levelised cost per kilowatt-hour for new build reactors; and increased competitiveness of nuclear power versus fossil and renewable energy sources.

Runner Up

Corrosion Radar

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Development



Desolenator offers a novel cleantech solution that uses a patented technology to harvest both the thermal and electrical power of the sun, in order to desalinate and purify water from any source. This stand-alone and off-grid household product is on track to become the most affordable and environmentally friendly method of creating drinking water from saline water. Desolenator is low maintenance and uses no filters or chemicals, it can make a major contribution to solving the global drinking water shortages.

Runner Up

Flash Bainite

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation


Drayson Technologies

Drayson Technologies Ltd is a development stage electronics and software company headquartered in London with offices in Silicon Valley focused on the field of wireless energy transfer. Drayson Technologies is exploiting a new proprietary technology, called Freevolt, that "harvests" energy from ambient wireless radio frequency networks (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Broadcast TV), to power low-energy electrical devices and eliminate the need for cable charging or changing batteries. The initial implementation of Freevolt RF energy harvesting is in the CleanSpaceTM Tag, a personal air pollution sensor that is totally portable.    

Runner Up

Vantage Power

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