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CleanEquity Monaco 2017 Awards

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Research



AgriProtein, founded in 2008, pioneered the waste-to-nutrient recycling industry. It uses proprietary technology to up-cycle organic waste into a natural protein at an industrial scale. Fly larvae are reared and processed into MagMeal and MagOil - a sustainable alternative to fishmeal, which is widely-used in the aquaculture, farming and pet food industries. The company builds and operates its own fly-farms and has licensee partners on five continents. AgriProtein has been awarded numerous international accolades and awards while on its mission to find a better way to feed the world: solving the food security challenge, tackling the waste crisis and repairing the environment. The company has raised almost $30m to date, and with its industrial partners is now seeking a pre-IPO funding round to roll out its factories globally.

Runner Up

NOHMs Technologies

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Development


KDC Agribusiness

KDC Ag was created as a newly formed division of KDC to further our company's support of sustainable and environmentally progressive technologies. With our support, our partners at California Safe Soil (CSS) have now developed a new patented technology that mimics the human digestive process. The technology digests and pasteurizes fresh food waste within three hours, turning it into an sustainable organic liquid fertilizer and animal feed that can be used the very next day. We believe KDC's proven entrepreneurial vision and industry experience in building national infrastructure combined with CSS's technology is the perfect remedy to completely close the agriculture loop and utilize the fresh food waste to its maximum benefit; to grow more produce and proteins in a more sustainable way.

Runner Up

Halo Coffee

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation


Iceotope Technologies

Iceotope is a UK technology company commercialising its fully developed patented liquid cooling platform for electronics in a $15bn per annum TAM. Iceotope's technology is applicable where heat generated by electronics is an issue, the initial target markets for Iceotope's technology being the IT industry. Iceotope currently has two fully developed product ranges utilising its 100% liquid cooled solution, a workstation product (Edge StationTM) and rack based products (Edge Rack - Vertical and Edge Rack - Horizontal), both product lines are compatible with any IT.

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