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CleanEquity Monaco 2019 Awards

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Research



eggXYt's mission is to enable a sustainable future in the livestock industry. eggXYt's CRISPR based technology allows non-invasive pre-incubation sex detection in chicken eggs - saving 7 billion male chicks from being unnecessarily hatched and killed each year, saving the industry billions of dollars and adding 7 billion eggs to the global egg supply. eggXYt is allowing ethically sourced male-chick-culling-free eggs to reach the market, answering the demand of conscious egg consumers.

Runner Up

Breathe Applied Sciences

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Development



BL!XT is the first and only to develop miniature, solid state circuit breakers, creating the spark for an entirely new shift in energy. Turning the conventional mechanical breakers into digital connected devices completely changes the game. As part of electrical systems, able to control and manage devices, BL!XT breakers represent large energy savings potential and pave the way for clean energy.

Fueled by a global trend of electrification, BL!XT breakers will impact the energy sector, mobility, aerospace, industrial 4.0 and more. Recognized by The Economist, selected to EU Horizon 2020 and an A-round late 2019 (€10-15M) for siliconization and scaling up.

Runner Up

Taronis Technologies

Excellence in the field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation


SUN Mobility

SUN Mobility is a joint venture between Maini Group and SUN Group, pioneers in electric mobility and clean energy. It is co-founded by Chetan Maini, founder of India's first electric car, Reva and Uday Khemka, Vice Chairman of SUN Group. Through its open-architecture Energy Infrastructure Solution for electric vehicles (EVs), it is enabling EVs for mass adoption, by offering a faster, more convenient and more affordable way of ‘EV refuelling'. It is focused on shared mobility segments such as 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and buses. The innovative approach of separating battery from the vehicle and offering it on a ‘pay-as-you-go' model enables the price of EVs to be similar to their ICE equivalents and the cost of energy to be lesser than that for fossil fuel. By creating Smart Batteries and enabling them to be swapped in a few minutes through Quick Interchange Stations powered by its Smart Network, SUN Mobility is addressing the key issues facing electric mobility - high cost, range anxiety and long-refuelling time. This unique value proposition, for the first time, can truly enable mass adoption of EVs.

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