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Success & Testimonials

Neil Bennett, Director, Iceotope

"The quality of the speakers and debate was superb. Senior individuals from VC and quality investment opportunities. It is a credit to the organisers. Thank you."

Alexander Schey, CEO, Vantage Power

"I really enjoyed the conference and found it very productive and well organised. The atmosphere was great, the food was excellent, and the delegates were really well chosen. I have already recommended the conference to other companies seeking funding, and I will continue to do so."

Paula Gould, CMO, GreenQloud

"It's not every day you attend an investor-focused event where the participants are so well vetted and equally motivated to ensure your success. We found the experience to be highly valuable."

Stephen Brooke, CEO, Ombu Group

"I thoroughly enjoyed the last few days and more importantly met some interesting people and saw some exciting companies. The splendid venue adds a huge amount clearly and the attentiveness of the team, putting people together and being helpful generally, contributed to the success also."

Presenting Company, Epyon

"July 2011, Epyon B.V. an early leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions focusing on direct current (DC) fast-charging stations and network charger software were acquired by ABB."

Presenting Company, Organica Water

"August 2013 Organica Water closed its financing round. It received commitments from private equity fund WLR China Energy Infrastructure Fund LP and its existing investors."

Gary Clarke, CEO, Hy9 Corporation

"CleanEquity Monaco was a uniqley gratifying event connecting investors and innovators in an intimate, world class setting"

Peter Benda, CEO, Nanofoundry

"It was an extremely good use of our time, and as I go through my contacts list, I’m amazed at how many people we were able to meet. We were also delighted to have been a runner up for the award for Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Research. It was a very satisfying conference all around."

Presenting Company , Siluria Technologies

"August 2014, Siluria Technologies closed a $30M financing round with Saudi Aramco leading the investment."

James Chandler, Director, Head of Corporate Practice, Porter Novelli

"Thank you all very much for organising with spectacular success a brilliant, engaging, seamless couple of days of invaluable learning and networking. It truly did feel like friends coming together and helping each other."

James Hygate, CTO, Green Fuels Research

"The quality of our 1-2-1 meetings was very high, as was the calibre of the plenary sessions, presentations and the event as whole"

Dr Eric D Warner, Managing Partner, Sail Capital Partners Ltd

"I can see that this event will have to become a firm part of the Sail London calendar going forward."

Jean-Philippe Stefanini, General Partner, Emertec

"Thanks a lot for this Clean Equity forum, which provide me the opportunity to meet with many very interesting projects and some colleagues. "

Presenting Company, REstore

"May 2015 REstore closes €7 million Series C capital round, to expand operations from Belgium and the U.K. to France and Germany, and to beef up its data analysis and control platform for the industrial and commercial customers it’s tapping for flexible electricity load. "

James Hotchkies, CEO, Enereau

"CleanEquity Monaco 2016 is, once again, the best-in-class event in this space. Extremely well organized and in a unique setting, the conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with leaders from across the investment community and with innovators at the leading edge of technologies in the energy and water sectors. Within this forum, you are able to glimpse where the energy and water industries are headed over the next 5-10 years."

Mark Dorey, COO, Straightline Aviation

"We found the CleanEquity Conference extremely valuable. The opportunity to network with senior professionals from the investor community with a specific interest in clean tech companies gave us the chance to showcase Staightline to the right audience. Since the event, we have already had significant follow up from delegates we met over the course of the two days, which bodes well in relation to the future growth and development of our business. "

Lord Paul Drayson, CEO, Drayson Technologies

"We are delighted to have attended the CleanEquity conference in 2016. The quality of the participants was very high and the innovations on display were truly ground-breaking."

Arne Morteani, Partner, ETF

"From own experience I know how hard it is to get an event like this ‘just right’… You certainly succeeded. "

Miriam Maes, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Elia Group

"The delegates and presenting companies were clearly well selected and the collegiate atmosphere contributed to an impressive and successful event."

Ben Cotton, Partner, Earth Capital Partners

"ECP is asked to speak and/or attend many events around the world in the course of our regular work flow. We support CleanEquity Monaco because we believe it is almost unique in its attention to detail and its desire to ensure that carefully selected investors and investees can meet effectively. A defining theme of CEM is that one always meets someone interesting, learns something new and picks up topical information about where the sector is going."

Karl Swensson, Ikea GreenTech

"The presentations I participated at were good, the innovative ideas were of high quality and there were really good network opportunities both at the event and the following dinner."

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